Sunday, December 29, 2013

Da Bears

I love the Cowboys but I also love the Bears.  I grew up watching Walter Payton, the Fridge, and Jim McMahon tear up Soldier Field in the 80's.  Those were the glory days.  My dad and I were usually glued to the old TV with a bowl of popcorn.  Popcorn would fly through the air as we shrieked with all our might.  Walter Payton was my favorite player on that team.  He was an unbelievable running back whose signature stutter step wowed fans and opponents alike.

In the 90's, Saturday Night Live did a skit about "Da Bears" and "Da Bulls"  The skit is hysterical.  (Da Superfans)  My husband and I mimic it often.  Of course, the kids think my husband and I are silly.

One afternoon while watching our usual Sunday football games, my husband and I began to joke around about that skit.  I giggled.  "Oh don't cha know.  I love da bears."

My husband cracked up.  "Ya.  Da Bears are cool."

My husband asked.  "So.  What will da Bears do today?"

"Oh. Ya know."  I responded.  "Dere likely to put up aboot 800 points for da game."

"Ya.  And dere opponents will score nothing."  My husband countered.

Then, I sang out.  "Daaa Bears."

The boys were listening to our exchange.  Son #1 rolled his eyes and laughed.  Son #2 crawled up onto the rocking chair where I happened to be sitting.  From behind me a tiny toddler's voice rang out.  "Daaa Bulls."

My husband and I turned to each other in surprise.  Then, we belly laughed for a good while.

Kids will imitate anything.  Fortunately, my husband and I were mocking a funny but fairly clean skit.

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