Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Ultimate Excuse

Son #1 absolutely despises bath time.  He is at the stage where he enjoys being dirty and stinky.  In fact, we have designated Sunday as his stinky day. 

On Sundays, he is able to do all his favorite things such as watch football, play football outside, play football with his toys in his room, and avoid taking a bath.  Son #1 takes baths at night so technically his stinky day begins Saturday night.  On Sunday nights, Son #1 must take a bath in order to be ready for school the next day.

One Sunday after watching the Cowboys play, I announced that it was bath time.  Son #1 immediately shouted.  "I don't want to take a bath!"

I replied calmly but irritably.  "You have to take a bath.  You cannot go to school stinky.  Plus you're sweaty from running around all day like a chicken without a head."

Son #1 giggled for a moment but then argued.  "But I haven't had time to finish my game in my room!  I don't want to take a bath!  I don't want to go to bed!"

I gave him a withering stare and then a very effective ultimatum.  Son #1 got the message and ran with all his might to the restroom.  At the door, he shot back defiantly.  "I don't want to be clean!"  However, Son #1 did hop into the soapy water in the tub.

I gave Son #1 some time to cool down.  Then, I entered the bathroom and sat down beside him.  "How are you doing?"  I asked kindly.

"Good."  Son #1 gave a short reply.

"Have you washed your hair?"  I inquired.

"No.  But I washed my body."  Son #1 answered.

"Did you wash with soap?"  I asked.

"Y-e-e-s-s."  Son #1 replied with a touch of annoyance.  Then, he said.  "I don't like taking baths."

"Oh really.  You need to take baths otherwise you'll stink."  I said.

"Nuh Uh!  I shouldn't have to take baths."  Son #1 shot back.

"Why do you say that?"  I asked curiously.

"BECAUSE!  Cowboy fans don't have to take baths!"  Son #1 explained.

I shudder at the idea.

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