Monday, November 25, 2013


Tonight like every other night, Son #2 began to get ready for bed.  I bathed him in soothing warm water.  He lay in the water and blew bubbles as I washed his hair.  Then, I rinsed the soap off of his hair and body.  While the tub emptied out, I wrapped my wiggly toddler in a fluffy towel.  Lotion was applied to his baby soft skin so that it would not dry out.  Then, I went in search of his pajamas.

After both of my boys were dressed for bed, my husband and I sat with them on the sofa to read their Bible stories.  Christmas music played in the background and the lights on the tree glowed softly.  The boys listened intently.  Soon their eyelids began to droop as we led them to their rooms.  I tucked Son #1 under his covers, hugged him, and kissed his forehead.  Son #1 and I whispered our good nights.  Then, I snuggled Son #2 into his bed.  We sang a Pete the Cat song.  Finally, I hugged him and kissed his little nose.

I whispered to my littlest son.  "Stay in your bed and go to sleep.  OK?"

Son #2 whispered a reply.  "OK."

"I love you."  I said as I crept out of his room.

I went to the living room to fold some laundry.  As I sorted through the articles of clothing, I flipped on the television to watch a little psychological thriller.  Normally, I don't enjoy those types of shows at all but this one hooked me.  Five minutes into the show, I heard a little voice.  "I need potty."

"Let's go potty."  I assured Son #2 and we hurried to the restroom.

After tucking my tiny son into his bed again, I resumed the program and continued folding the laundry.  I had just finished arranging the folded clothing into their respective piles when tiny foot steps pattered through the hallway.  I looked up and met my naughty son's eyes.  He saw the expression on my face and ran in the opposite direction to his room.  I walked to his room and saw Son #2 scrambling back to bed.  Gently, I tucked my monkey under his covers and reiterated.  "Stay in your bed and go to sleep.  OK?"

Son #2 giggled and whispered.  "OK."

Son #2 hopped out of his bed several more times.  Several more times, I sent Son #2 scrambling for his covers.  Each time, my mischievous toddler promised that he would go to sleep.  I believed him less and less every time.  Finally, my husband relieved me from the ridiculousness and set about putting our son to bed.  Again.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  Surely, my husband had some magical solution for getting our son to sleep.   

An hour passed and my husband slipped out of Son #2's room.  I smiled at him and asked.  "How did it go?" 

He grinned and replied.  "Son #2's still awake.  He'll probably be in the living room in about five minutes."  Then, my husband disappeared to his office.

Five minutes passed but Son #2 did not appear.  I shrugged my shoulders and went to my room to do a few things.  I lost track of time flipping through a magazine and fiddling with some paper work.  Then, I went to investigate the whereabouts of my youngest son.

All seemed quiet in the living room so I tiptoed into the hallway.  No errant toddler was seen in the hallway so I peered around the doorway to his room.  Son #2 saw my head pop in so he sat up and greeted me.  "Hi Mom."

Surprised, I responded.  "Lay down.  Go to sleep." 

Son #2 wiggled in his bed and kicked his legs.  He managed to kick off his blankets.  I walked over to his bed and sat down.  Then, I straightened the blankets and tucked them under his arms.  Son #2 smiled and reached for my ear.  I hugged him and gave him a kiss.  Son #2 yawned, rubbed his eyes, and then handed me a remote to the television in the living room.  I held the remote with a confused expression on my face.

Why is there a remote in his room?

Then it dawned on me. 

That little rascal has been out of bed!  He stole the remote!

Son #2 confirmed my suspicion with his next statement.  "I wanu watch Bobbie."  (Translation:  I want to watch Bob the Builder.)

Yeah Buddy.  I don't think so.

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