Thursday, November 28, 2013


Our little family still has a VCR.  We also still have a lot of Disney movies on video.  It may seem as though we are stuck in the 80's.  Yet, to assume that would be a mistake.  We do enjoy some of the latest types of technology but there is nothing like watching an old, nostalgic video on the VCR.

One day, the boys sat down to watch one of their favorite cartoons on video.  They cuddled up to each other with their pillows, blankets, and bowls of popcorn.  Their attention was captured by the story and music as their favorite character danced across the screen.  Periodically, they would giggle and laugh loudly.  My husband and I watched with them as we sat in our cozy chairs.  It was a very entertaining movie even for adults.

Finally, the movie was finished.  The boys rubbed their eyes sleepily as they picked up their blankets and pillows.  My husband walked over the the VCR and began to rewind the video.  Son #1 looked at the VCR quizzically and asked.  "What are you doing?"

My husband replied.  "I'm rewinding the video."

"Why are you rewinding the video?"  Son #1 inquired.

"You have to rewind the video so you can watch it again later."  My husband answered.

"You do?!"  Son #1 exclaimed, shocked that videos must be rewound in order to view them again.

Then, it occurred to my husband that our sons live in a world of instant gratification.  If you want to watch a movie, all you have to do is select the movie on Netflix, Hulu, or any other site through internet TV.  Our boys will never experience trekking out to the video store and perusing the aisles until they find a movie that looks interesting.  They will also never experience renting movies for a quarter on 25 cent movie night.  Everything is at the touch of their finger tips.  It is weird how times have changed.

Oh well.  I guess that's the way things go.

When my boys have their own children, they will wistfully remember the days of iPads and Tablets.  Their kids will probably ask.  "What's a touch screen, Daddy?" and "Why is it so flat?"

Here's to longing for the days of yore.

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