Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Surprise

One day, I noticed that Son #2's diaper needed to be changed.  I called out.  "Change you!"

Son #2 looked up from his toys and immediately began to run away. 

I shouted out in mock surprise.  "Hey! Come back here!"

However, Son #2 continued to run in his tiny tennis shoe, hands in the air and laughing with glee.  I thought to myself.  "My baby is a nut."

When I finally caught Son #2, I scooped him up and carried him back to his room.  He wiggled and fussed as I lay him down to change his diaper.  I expected to find a wet diaper but nothing more.  With that in mind, I pulled out a clean diaper, one wipe, and his baby powder.  Sadly, there was more inside. 

I opened the diaper and found a pile of mushy poo.  The horror!  I only had one wipe!  Why wasn't he stinky?!  Was I losing my sense of smell?!

I silently cursed as I tried to keep my baby still while retrieving more wipes.    Son #2 turned from side to side trying to make an escape.  I held his legs in the air to keep his dirty rear from touching the ground.  Visions of poop spraying from his turning body made me shudder.  I hung onto his little legs with all my might as I wiped him clean. 

Once finished, I sprinkled Son #2 with baby powder and placed a new diaper on him.  Just as I was about to fasten the diaper, a water fountain of pee shot up to my face.  I leaped away in time to see pee pee cover my baby's clean clothes, diaper, and floor beside him.

With a touch of discouragement, I knelt down to clean my baby again.

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