Friday, April 12, 2013


Son #2 is beginning to associate dirtying his diaper with using the potty.  We can usually tell when he needs to use the restroom.  His face gets tense.  His cheeks turn red.  He stands with his legs slightly apart and leans on a piece of furniture.  Sometimes, he grunts.

When he looks as though he needs to poo, my husband will ask.  "Do you need to potty?"  Typically, Son #2 will run to the potty and sit down.  Usually, he has still dirtied his diaper.  However, he is beginning to understand the concept.

The other day, Son #2 struck his usual potty stance.  My husband called out.  "Poo Poo?  Pee Pee?  Potty?"  My husband fully expected Son #2 to run to the restroom.

Son #2 looked up from his position and shook his head.  No!  He was firm about his decision.

My husband asked again just to clarify the answer.  "Poo Poo?  Do you need to potty?"

Son #2 responded emphatically with a firm shake of the head.  "Uh uh!"

My husband and I rolled our eyes at each other and laughed.

Son #2 was determined to avoid the potty that day!

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