Friday, April 12, 2013

The Garden

My husband and I just put in a garden in our backyard.  We are growing a variety of organic, Non-GMO vegetables in these fantastic garden boxes crafted by my fabulous husband.  It is all very exciting.

Before planting our seeds, my husband ordered a truck-load of dirt and manure to fill the boxes.  Forty pound bags arrived neatly stacked on several pallets.  These pallets took over our driveway and garage for a couple of days as we maneuvered the bags to the backyard via the wheel barrow.

Son #1 and Son #2 were in dirt heaven.  As my husband and I heaved the bags of dirt into the garden boxes, Son #1 and Son #2 trotted out with their plastic garden tools.  They climbed into the boxes and immediately started digging.  There was no purpose to their digging.  They dug for the pure joy of digging in dirt.  (and manure...)

Son #2 plopped himself down in the middle of a dirt pile and began to fling our quality dirt everywhere.  My husband yelled out.  "Keep it in the box!"  However, his words were in vain.  Son #2 was intent on digging to China.

Son #1 dragged out a variety of toy tractors, big rigs, heavy machinery, and motorcycles.  He was determined to make a motor cross track of grand proportions.  Dirt flew in all directions.  My husband shouted again.  "Keep the dirt in the box!"  My husband's instructions were heeded this time.

Son #1 and Son #2 played in the dirt for several days as we prepared them for the seeds and seedlings.  Eventually, their days of digging in the dirt came to a close.  We planted the vegetables and put up a rabbit fence. 

Sometimes, I can see the boys peeking over the fence at the garden boxes longingly.  They miss digging tunnels through the rich soil.  I miss watching two filthy, little boys crawl around in dirt piles with toy shovels and spades.  Fortunately, they'll get another chance to play in the dirt when we harvest the vegetables.

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