Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Son #2's First Steps (in a Yoda Voice)

"Careful I must be when walking first steps.  Impatient parents are, but grave danger will there be if I hurry."

(The baby has paused while holding onto his Dada's hands.  He gazes longingly towards Mama but does not release the hands of his Dada just yet.)

"Try.  Try.  Try not."

(The baby's feet shuffle with eagerness but his face reveals his hesitation.)

"Once I start down the path of walking, forever it will dominate my destiny, consume me it will."

(The baby slowly releases his Dada's right hand.  His Dada helps him take a few more uncertain steps with only the left hand as support.)

"Little I am, but size not matters.  May my Dada be with me."

(The little one bravely releases his Dada's left hand and stands independently.  His legs in motion, he toddles forward to his Mama.  Quickly, he grasps her hands.)

"Strong I am.  Brave I am.  Always in motion in the future."

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