Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bath Discoveries

Son #2 was taking a much needed bath after devouring his spaghetti lunch with a gusto.  He explored the yellow duckies, soap bars, and wash cloths happily in an inch of warm bubbly water.  Periodically, he would splash with his hands and goo.  I was enchanted by this little scene and kicked back on the toilet lid to watch my baby play.

Play is exactly what he did.  He crawled fiercely from one side of the tub to the other.  Then he stood to peek over the edge.  When he was satisfied that nothing interesting lay outside of the tub, he got down on his hands and knees to explore a cup.  He almost drank out of it but fortunately I stopped him in time.  (Eww!)

Son #2 sat bewildered for a second after the cup disappearred.  Then, he spied the faucet.  He stood and scooted toward the silvery fixture.  He had never seen anything quite so intriguing.  This silvery thing had a baby inside of it!  Son #2 patted the faucet and baby face.  He gooed and babbled but the baby face only imitated his expressions.  He was confused but decided to continue on with the conversation.  Mid conversation with the baby face on the faucet, Son #2 peed into the tub while standing.  He looked down surprised and exclaimed.  "Agoo!"

Bath discoveries can be so entertaining.

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