Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Coveted Guitar

Son #2 is now pulling himself up onto furniture and walls and scooting across each room.  He feels so independent and big.  As he travels from room to room utilizing his scooting and crawling skills, he thinks to himself.  "Now, I can go everywhere!!!!"  Periodically, we can hear him laugh, squeal, and goo.

Tonight, I can see his thoughts as they crossed his precious, little face. 

Son #2 spies his dad's open door to the office and the guitar gleaming in the corner.  "Aha!  If only I can crawl quickly.  Then I will play the coveted guitar before Dada catches me!"

Fiercely, he crawls down the hallway and into the office.  He sneaks to the guitar while his Dad works on the computer unaware that his son is standing and patting the strings.  Then his dad turns around and says.  "Son...What are you doing???"

Son #2 grins a sweet grin and thinks.  "I was playing the guitar until you caught me!!!!"

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