Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Flower Pot

A few weeks ago while school was still in session, Son #1 brought home a painted flower pot with a tiny plant as a Mother's Day gift.  I was delighted.  I carefully took his little gift into my hands and began to examine the art work.  The clay pot was painted a brilliant, deep blue.  In the middle of the pot, Son #1 had painted a bright red flower with dark green leaves.  I smiled to myself and then peered at the plant.  So far, the plant was only a tiny seedling.  I asked my eldest son.  "What did you plant in the pot?"

Son #1 replied.  "A flower!"

"Cool!  I love flowers."  I responded.

Son #1 beamed with pride.  "Yeah.  We made it at school for Mother's Day.  I got to paint the pot and then put dirt in it when it dried.  Then, I got to plant a seed and water it.  Oh and it grew!"

"Wow!  That is really awesome."  I hugged Son #1 tightly.  "Thank you!  I feel so special!"

Son #1 returned my hug.  He smiled and then replaced his smile with a very serious face.  "Do you know why they call this a flower pot?" 

I made a silly face and said.  "No.  Why?"

Son #1 was shocked.  "You don't know why they call this a flower pot?!"  He glared at me, surprised that I did not know everything.

 "Nope."  I replied with a laugh.  "Why do they call it a flower pot?"

"Well, let me tell you."  Son #1 explained.  "It's a plant that grows into a flower.  That's why it's called a flower pot!"

"Oh!  Now I get it."  I said with wide eyes and a grin.

"Good!"  Son #1 yelled as he ran to his room to play.  "Now, don't forget it!"

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