Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Quack Quack in the Mug

Son #2 loves to play with his bathtub toys.  He has a couple rubber duckies, a tug boat, and a set of water flutes.  Bath time is very exciting with these toys in the tub. 

One evening, Son #2 finished his bath and hopped out of the tub.  He huddled in his towel on the bath mat and tried to stay warm.  Water dripped off his hair and back soaking the fluffy rug underneath his feet.  I rubbed the extra water droplets off of his little arms and legs.  Then, I helped him put on lotion and his pajamas.  Finally, we combed his hair and brushed his teeth. 

Son #2 felt shiny and clean as he ran around the living room like a maniac.  His older brother was in the process of taking his own bath when Son #2 flew into the bathroom and stole a rubber ducky.  Son #1 shouted out.  "Hey!  I'm naked here!  Get out of the bathroom!  I need privacy!"  Then, he quickly locked his younger brother out of the bathroom.

Son #2 pounded on the bathroom door and growled.  "Brudder!  Popen da door!"

Son #1 yelled back smugly.  "No!  Now, go away!"

They argued back and forth for a time until my husband and I distracted the youngest from his tirade.  "Baby!"  I called out.  "Are you thirsty?  Do you want a Ba?"  (Translation:  Ba is currently organic soy milk.  Son #2 has a mild milk allergy.)

Son #2 paused at the bathroom door and pondered the question.

"Come on, Little Son.  Let's get something to drink before bedtime."  My husband beckoned.

Son #2 clasped the rubber ducky to his chest and rushed to the kitchen to get his mug.  I poured the "Ba" into his mug as Son #2 steadied it above his head.  He brought the mug to his lips and savored the first gulp.  With a look of satisfaction on his face, he meandered to the couch and relaxed with the ducky and drink. 

I continued to help my oldest son with his bath while my husband chatted with our youngest son.  Eventually, both boys were bathed and dressed.  Each had brushed their teeth and were settling down for their evening devotional before bedtime.  I hung up wet towels and placed the bath toys on the rim of the tub.  Then, I noticed that one of the bath ducks was missing.  I asked my youngest son.  "Baby, do you remember where you put the ducky that you had in your hands?"

"Huh?"  My youngest son responded.

"Where is the other ducky?"  I asked with an exaggerated shoulder shrug.

Son #2 clapped his hands together and exclaimed.  "Oh!  I find it!"  He scurried around the house until he located the ducky.  Once the ducky was discovered, he proudly returned to the living room and announced.  "Wook!  I did it!  My quack quack's in the mug!"

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