Monday, June 16, 2014

The Bike Ride to the Park

Several weekends ago, Son #1 and I decided to take a bike ride to the park while his younger brother napped.  We silently tiptoed to the garage and carefully opened the garage door.  Then, we wheeled the bikes to the driveway and gingerly shut the garage door.  I smiled at my oldest son and cheerfully asked.  "Ready to go for a ride?"  Son jumped onto his bike and replied.  "Oh yeah!"

Before we started our ride, Son #1 and discussed the rules for our ride.  "Alright Son, before we go you need to promise me that you will stay right behind me as we ride.  We're going to be riding on the road so we're going to need to follow road rules."  Son #1 agreed seriously.  We reviewed riding on the correct side of the road, following road signs, being aware of cars, and signaling for turns.  Son #1 absorbed all the information with a growing feeling of increased responsibility.  He proudly agreed to follow our rules and then pedaled off  behind me to the first stop sign. 

It was a beautiful day for a ride to the park.  The temperature was in the seventies and there was a cool breeze lilting above the trees.  Son #1 and I rode past all types of houses through a couple neighborhoods.  As we rode, the architectural style of the houses changed representing the decade in which they were built.  Small, new trees gave way to expansive, shade trees.  In the distance, a tiny park was tucked in between two older homes. 

As the park came into view, Son #1 and I sped up in excitement.  When we pulled up to the gate, we hopped off our bikes and steered them toward a picnic table.  Son #1 lounged on the bench and drank from his water bottle.  We talked while we rested and sipped water.  Then, Son #1 shouted.  "Let's go play!"

Son #1 and I sprinted to the playground.  We swung on the monkey bars and slid down the slides.  We rode on the various vintage playground toys.  We laughed and played until we were completely worn out.  Then, hunger pangs reminded us that we needed to return home.  Slowly, my son and I walked to our bikes.  We guided our bikes to the road and hopped on them for our ride home. 

I called out to my eldest son as we peddled back to the house.  "Did you have fun?" 

Son #1 yelled out with delight. "Yeah!  I wanna do this again!"  "

"Me too!"  I responded as we sped toward our house.

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