Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Pizza Slice

Last night, a small group of relatives gathered at our house to watch the Olympics.  My husband prepared pizza from scratch in the kitchen as the kids commandeered iPhones and iPads from their unsuspecting elders.  Everyone talked loudly as several conversations clamored for dominance.  The heavenly scent of cheese, sauce, veggies, and dough filled the air.  Finally, the oven timer rang out.  It was time to eat.

The boys rushed to the kitchen greedily grabbing pizza from the pan.  Quickly, they scurried back to the living room to hungrily devour their slices.  Eventually, everyone settled down among cushions or against furniture to watch the athletes compete.

Midway through the Olympic events, Son #2 got up from his seat and began to run around the living room with his half eaten pizza slice.  Slivers of melted cheese and drops of pizza sauce flew into the air as he ran circles in front of the television. 

My husband called out.  "Little Son!  Sit down.  Eat your pizza."

"No. No."  Son #2 answered gleefully.  He continued to weave between the adults in the room.

I tried to help reinforce my husband's request.  "Baby, sit down and eat your food."

Son #2 paused for a second.  "No. No."  Then, he wiped his greasy hand down his shirt and continued to run.

Abuelita (Grandma) tried to convince the little monkey to sit down.  "Come sit by me.  Look at what I have."  She enticed as she held up her iPad. 

Son #2 peered at the iPad from his sauce encrusted face but decided to continue running.  Then, he dropped his slice of pizza on the floor. 

Tia (Aunt) commented wryly.  "You're kid just dropped his food on the floor."

"Yeah.  I know."  I replied.  Then to my youngest son, I said.  "Baby, that's gross.  Look!  You dropped your food on the floor.  Are you all done?"

"No. No."  Son #2 cried and continued to race around the room.  I'm sure his pizza contained a small collection of lint.

Tia tried to redirect her wild little nephew.  "Are you all done?  Put your pizza on your plate.  It's yucky."

"Oh.  No. No."  Son #2 replied.  At that point, he was flinging himself onto the couch. 

All of a sudden, Son #2 stopped his ridiculous game and calmly walked to me with a serious look on his face.  He held out his fuzzy pizza slice and stated.  "All done."  Then, he sat down beside his Abuelita and quietly played a game.

Toddlers operate on their own time and space continuum much to the annoyance of their parents.

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