Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Decorative Soap

Just an hour ago, Son #1 was preparing to take a shower.  I helped him check the temperature of the water, select his pajamas, and find a fluffy towel.  While all of this was happening, I noticed a smudge of toothpaste on the counter.  Nonchalantly, I rubbed out the toothpaste with my thumb.  Now the toothpaste was on my thumb.  Yuck.  Son #1 watched with interest as I reached for a small decorative soap by the faucet.  The soap was in the shape of a sparrow's egg.  Dark brown speckles dotted its bright blue hue.  His brow furrowed with concern.  "Mom, why are you washing your hands with a bird's egg?"

I laughed and responded.  "It's not a bird's egg.  It's hand soap.  Look.  Isn't it cool?"  Son #1 peaked over the counter top at the blue, speckled egg lying in a tiny, decorative nest.  He looked confused.

"It looks like a baby bird is in the egg.  Are you sure it's not alive?"  He asked.

"I'm positive."  I assured my son.  "I got the soap from a friend.  It won't hatch.  It's not real."

Son #1 stood on tiptoes and gazed at the decorative soap once more.  Then, he sighed and walked slowly to the shower.  Just as he was about to get in, he paused and turned to face me.  "But Mom, what if the egg hatches???"

I held his hands and tried to comfort my worried little boy.  "It's O.K.  I promise that the egg will not hatch.  It's soap."  Then, I helped him into the shower. 

All was quiet for a moment and then I heard my son call out.  "It better be soap or else you've been washing your hands with a baby bird!!!"

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