Thursday, March 5, 2015

Playing in the Snow

We have had snow (and ice) off and on for a couple weeks.  Nothing makes me happier, than looking out my window into a yard covered by a fresh blanket of snow.  The clouds hang low in the sky and create a grey, dreamy haze.  At night, the moonlight bounces off the snow drifts  lighting up our neighborhood like a winter wonder land.  Then, the sun comes out.  Sun rays cause the snow to gleam with intensity.  I love winter and I love snow.

The boys love the snow as well.  Each time the first few snowflakes begin to fall, the kids beg to put on the skis and ski in the backyard.  Usually, we'll ski in the backyard if there is good snow cover.  If the yard is mostly ice, then we just play.

The other day, sleet began to fall.  Son #1 and Son #2 sat by the window in the living room with their noses glued to the window pane.  Their eyes lit up as the ground filled up with ice.  "Mom!"  Son #1 shouted.  "I bet they will cancel school tomorrow."

"We'll see what happens."  I said cheerfully.

"I wanna go ski."  Son #2 called out.

"If there is enough snow on the ground, I'll bring out my skis."  I responded.

"Hurray!!!"  The two boys cried out together.  I laughed as the kids continued to watch ice bounce off the grass.

A few days later, a layer of snow covered our grass.  The boys cheered as they gazed at the winter wonderland before them.  I fixed a hearty breakfast, dressed the boys in their snow clothes, and shooed them out into the backyard.  Socks, the dog, scampered after them as they stomped across the small mounds of snow.  After I ate my breakfast, I threw on my jacket, grabbed the skis, and ran out to play with my kids.  Son #1 and Son #2 screamed as I closed the back door.  "The skis!  The skis!"

I gazed at my two children hopping up and down in the snow.  They were so excited.  To avoid any fighting, I suggested to Son #1.  "Hey, let's have your little brother ski first.  Then, you can ski after him."

Son #1 thought for a moment about my suggestion.  Then, he smiled and agreed.  "Yeah!  That sounds good."  Quickly, Son #1 turned to his brother and said.  "Bro, go get into the ski boots."

I lifted my youngest son off the ground and removed his shoes.  Carefully, I placed his feet into my ski boots.  Once he was secured into the boots, I began to push him across the yard.  Son #2 screeched with delight.  "I skiing!  I skiing!"

When Son #2 had skied a couple laps around the yard, I called out to my oldest son.  "O.K.  Now it's your turn."  Slowly, I lifted my little baby out of the ski boots.  As I held him in the air, I dusted the snow from his legs.  Then, I slipped Son #2's shoes onto his feet.  Once the shoes were on his feet, Son #2 quickly wriggled out of my arms back into the snow. 

Son #1 tugged on my jacket and asked.  "Can you help me get into your ski boots?"

"Of course!"  I said with a smile.  Son #1 held onto my shoulder while I removed one of his shoes.  He carefully stepped into the first boot.  Then, he lifted his other foot so I could remove the second shoe.  Once his feet were secured into the ski boots, I gave Son #1 a push across the snow.  He skated smoothly from one end of the yard to the other end several times.

Eventually, the snow melted away. However, winter was not over yet.  Today, we were blessed with another round of snow.  Overnight, a strong wind blew the snow up against the house creating a good sized snow drift.  The boys shrieked with joy as they ran out to play in the snow again.  This time, they created forts and oblong snowmen.  They even drove their toy cars through the snow tunnels inside the forts.  By the time the boys finished playing, their cheeks were bright red and their shoes were soaked.  Once inside the house, they stripped off their snow clothes and collapsed onto their beds in exhaustion. 

Note to Self:  Playing in snow = a great nap for the kids 
(I REALLY love snow!)


  1. I love your description of the snow...dreamy haze...winter wonderland. And the ending...made me smile.

    Happy Friday!

    1. Happy Weekend to you as well! Glad you liked it. :)