Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mowing with Dad

A few weeks ago, my husband stepped out into the front yard to mow the lawn.  Son #2 tagged along to peek at the mower.  As my husband fueled up the tank, Son #2 chattered away with excitement.

"Daddy, you gonna mow?"  Son #2 asked with wide eyes.

"Sure am."  My husband replied as he attached the bag for grass cuttings.

"Oh wow!"  Son #2 exclaimed.  "I wanna mow, too!"

My husband grunted absentmindedly as he inspected the mower one last time.  Then, my husband pulled back on the starter and began to cut the lawn.  Son #2 was amazed at the loud noise.  He placed his hands over his ears and shouted to my husband.  "Too loud, Daddy!"

My husband could not hear a thing as the engine of the mower roared.  He motioned for our youngest son to stay close by as he pushed the mower across the lawn.  Son #2 obediently ran after his dad.  Periodically, my little boy patted the branches of bushes or peered at the naked limbs of a small tree.  Then, Son #2 got an idea.  Quickly, my little boy ran back to the garage and grabbed a dolly from among the tools.  Using his tiny muscles, Son #2 pushed the dolly forward with all his might.  Eventually, my little boy got the dolly onto the grass.

Son #2 followed my husband with his own "mower" turning at the appropriate times.  My husband looked back at his youngest son and gave him a thumbs up sign.  Son #2 yelled.  "Look Daddy!  I mowing!"

My husband laughed.  "Good!  Follow me!"

Son #2 followed his dad without deviating from his path.  I happened to be outside while this all took place and snapped a couple pictures.  For a second, I was transported back in time to when my oldest son would follow my husband with his own "mower".  I could visualize Son #1 toddling behind my husband with a sit-to-stand walker shouting.  "Look Mommy!  Look Daddy!  I mowing!"  Once again, a wave of nostalgia passed over me.  Then, I leaned against my car with a sigh and thought.  "Kids grow up so fast."


  1. I'm having let's-freeze-this-moment experiences too--with my grandchildren!

    1. Eh...the question marks were supposed to be smiley faces.

  2. That's aces! I love how the mere task of mowing the lown can just evolve into a more righteous experience, such as bonding with the family, and working together to make your house more livable and neat-looking inside, both inside and outside. Thanks for sharing that very fun moment, Sara! All the best to your family!

    Mike Mcmillen @ Dependable Lawn Care