Monday, June 22, 2015

Ahoy Matey!

My kids love to take bubble baths.  To be really honest, I love it when they take bubble baths as well.  There is nothing better than filling up the tub with bubbles and toys.  The kids think it is such a treat.  It is also a great way to keep them entertained. 

One evening, Son #1 filled up the tub for his bath.  He sang loudly as he load the bath toys into the water and poured a generous helping of bubble bath into the water.  Then, my oldest son hopped inside the tub.  I came into to the restroom help him soap up his wash cloth  and place shampoo on his hair.  Once I was done, Son #1 shooed me away so he could play.  Before leaving the restroom, I said.  "Don't forget to wash.  I'll be back to check on you in ten minutes."

"O.K!"  Son #1 shouted happily.  When I was gone, he continued to sing songs that he had learned from his music class.

As I walked away from the bathroom door, I patted my husband on the shoulder and said.  "Listen to him sing.  Isn't he cute?"

My husband paused from his task at hand and listened to our oldest son sing.  Then, he smiled and said.  "He sure does love to sing."

My husband and I busied ourselves with chores around the house while our oldest son played in the tub.  Periodically, one of us would pop our head through the door to check on our silly boy.  Son #1 would peer at us from behind a toy and grin.  Finally, ten minutes passed and I went in to help Son #1 get out of the tub.  As I entered, Son #1 formed one of the toys into a telescope and yelled. "Ahoy Matey!"

"Argh you scurvy sea dog!"  I growled in response.

Son #1 laughed.  "I'm not a scurvy sea dog."  He said between giggles.

"Well if you're not a sea dog, I guess I'm not a matey!"  I replied with an impish grin.

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