Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Did Bob the Builder Teach Us That?

The other day, I spent the afternoon tilling the vegetable garden and mowing the backyard.  I also transplanted my oregano and sage plants to a more aesthetically appropriate location in my yard.  By the end of the afternoon, I was covered in dirt but proud of my accomplishments.  Before going inside to shower, I turned to survey my work.  The soil was turned.  The seeds were planted.  The garden had been watered.  The grass had been cut.  All was right in our yard.

Once clean and dressed, I wandered the house picking up random clutter.  I stopped inside Son #1's room and peeked out his window at the newly transplanted herbs.  As I looked out through one of the window panes, Son #1walked into his room and tapped me on the shoulder.  "Mom?  What are you looking at?"  He asked quietly.

"Oh.  I'm just looking at the sage and oregano."  I replied as I pointed out their locations.

"They look good, Mom."  Son #1 commented casually.

"Thanks."  I said nodding my head in agreement.

Son #1 and I stood at the window observing the landscaping.  Then, my eldest son sighed, knelt down, and peered out the window.  I wondered what had caught his attention.  Son #1 was completely transfixed by this particularly interesting item.  Finally, my eldest son stood up and stated seriously.  "Mom.  The ground outside of the house is lower than the ground inside the house."

I squinted my eyes as I studied the ground outside the house.  Then, I turned to my eldest son and restated.  "So you're saying that the ground or the dirt outside is lower that the carpet that sits on our house's foundation."

"Huh?"  Son #1 responded with a confused look on his face.  "What's a foundation?"

"Well, our foundation is a slab of concrete.  That's what the builders used to begin building our house."  I explained.

Son #1 wrinkled his nose as he thought about foundations, concrete, landscaping, and construction.  He gazed out the window once more.  My eldest son was lost in his thoughts for a moment before he turned to me and asked.  "Did Bob the Builder teach us that?"

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