Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Warm Boots

One cool, spring night, I bustled around the house hastily rushing the kids to bed.  I was in a hurry to speed over to my mom's house because we were in the midst of a huge sewing project.  Son #2 jumped on the couch like one of the Five Monkeys while I tucked Son #1 into his bed.  He snuggled with his stuffed Snoopy as I sat on his bed reading a chapter from his Bible Stories book.  My boots leaned against  the mattress and I tucked my feet underneath the stuffed animals for warmth.  As the story came to a close, I heard Son #2 cry out from the living room.  Most likely, my monkey had fallen from the couch.  I patted Son #1's hands and said.  "Let me go check on your brother.  I'll be back in just a second."

Son #1 replied sleepily.  "O.K. Mommy."

I walked quickly down the hallway and found my youngest son weeping on the floor.  When he saw me enter the room, he held his arms up and cried.  "My hurt!"

"What happened?"  I asked as concern filled my voice.

"I fell."  Son #2 whimpered pointing to his forearm.

"Oh no!  Are you O.K?"  I inspected his arm.  He wiggled it around in several directions which soothed my fears immediately.  Then, I kissed the boo boo and instructed my youngest son to stop jumping on the couch.  Son #2 promised to behave himself and ran to his room.  Finally, I returned to Son #1's room to pray with him before he fell asleep.

When I entered my eldest son's room, I noticed that my boots were missing.  I furrowed my brow and tried to mentally retrace my steps around the house.   

Where could I have put my boots?  

Did I misplace them?

I know I'm forgetful but this is ridiculous.

Son #1 saw the confused look on my face and giggled.  He hugged the blankets to his chin as his eyes danced with delight.  Then, I noticed that the outline of his feet under the covers were unusually large for a child his size.  I raised one eyebrow suspiciously.  "Where are my boots, little boy?"

Son #1 snickered.  "I don't know."

"I bet you do know!"  I narrowed my eyes.  My lips twitched as I tried to conceal a smirk.  Then, I ripped off the covers to reveal my boots on my son's little feet!

"What are you doing wearing my boots?!"  I laughed.

Son #1 responded  without missing a beat.  "I was keeping my feet warm!"

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