Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Vest

Yesterday morning, Son #1 and Son #2 dressed up in vests, a dressy shirt, and nice jeans.  I thought they looked absolutely adorable.  They were very proud of their outfits as well and hopped into their dad's office to show off their clothes.  My husband commented.  "Wow, boys!  You look really good!"  His eyebrows raised slightly with approval.  A look of pride appeared on my husband's face.  The boys wriggled with delight and then ran off to the living room to play. 

Later in the day, we packed up some food, got into the car, and drove to my mom's house for lunch.  As we pulled into her neighborhood, Son #1 began to complain about his vest.  "I don't want to wear my vest!  I want to take it off!"

"Why?"  I asked with a touch of confusion.  "You look so cute in your vest.  Wear it.  Then, you can show it to Abuelita (Grandma)."

"No! I don't want to!"  Son #1 shouted in defiance.

"Too bad.  You have to wear your vest."  I said, laying down the law.  Normally, I try not to be so rigid about clothing.  However, Son #1 likes to change his clothes at least two to three times a day.  All I wanted was for him to stay in his original clothing one day out of the week.

Unfortunately, Son #1 did not like the law presented to him.  We continued to argue discretely as we entered Abuelita's house.  Son #1 pouted in the dining room and pulled his arms inside his shirt.  "Don't take off your vest."  I warned.  Son #1 poked his head out from the dining room and eyed everyone around the corner.  Then, he silently inched past the crowd to the other side of the kitchen. 

My husband noticed that he had taken off his vest.  I noticed as well.  "Where is your vest?"  I asked.

"I don't want to wear it anymore!"  Son #1 responded with a cross look on his face.

I bit my lip and looked at my husband.  My wise husband presented a way out of a bad situation for our eldest son.  "Are you hot?  Is that why you took off your vest?"

Son #1 eagerly replied.  "Yes.  I was hot."

"Oh, you're hot.  That's O.K.  Just go hang up your vest in the closet."  I said with a bit of relief.

"Thanks Mom!  I'll wear it when we go home."  Son #1 assured me.

Later as we sat at the table to eat, my sister's mother-in-law noticed a peculiar sight.  "I think I just found Son #1's vest."  She observed and then pointed to a large vase in the corner of the room.  I looked over my shoulder and began to laugh.  Son #1's vest was shoved tightly into the vase.  Only a portion of it poked out of the opening.  My sister's mother-in-law looked amused.  "He must have hidden the vest in hopes that you would forget about it later."

Oh, Son little stinker!  What am I going to do with you?

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